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Change: Why Transformational Leadership Matters Now More Than Ever

In a world being transformed by unprecedented change, effective, meaningful leadership is becoming even more essential, just as quickly. That offers historic opportunities, provided we recognize what sort of leaders we need to have.

This tsunami of change and disruption carries enormous consequences. It also carries unprecedented responsibilities. The faster most everything changes and the greater the level of disruption, the faster we all need to learn how to direct that change.

And when I say all of us, I mean all of us.

In world of explosive change and transformation, transformational leadership at all levels — from the heads of state down to the individual — offers the best opportunity to leverage change to transform all of our lives for the better. That goes for how we work, play, govern ourselves and consider and plan for our collective future.

The opportunity that transformational leadership offers the leader in everyone is both significant and meaningful. We all have an obligation to ourselves as well as others to understand, nurture and manage the “revolution” that’s taking place — rather than having revolutionary change manage us.

Entrepreneur, Author. Founder of Shadoka. Author of “Everything Connects”, “Survive to Thrive”. Twitter @faisal_hoque.

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