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7 Must Have Leadership Habits Amid COVID-19

If we fail to accept and celebrate the very essence of our imperfect universe — we overlook impactful people; we ignore opportunities; we fail to contribute; and most importantly we don’t live with gratitude.

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1. Accept Your Battle

As humans, our instincts are to fight bitterly against the adversity we are faced with. The most resilient among us will often find a way to fight it by embracing it.

2. Leverage Your Solitude

From Beethoven to Newton to Buddha to Darwin, all experienced critical awakenings during self-imposed solitary periods. The psychologist and author Rollo May explained this phenomenon very well in his book The Courage to Create. “In order to be open to creativity,” he wrote, “one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.”

3. Guide Your Energy

In many ways, our thoughts control our lives. So negative thinking attracts negative energy; positive thinking attracts positive energy. Buddha, Aristotle and many others have suggested the same, how we think creates the energy that ultimately manifests our realities. If we go into a situation with a negative thought process then we are almost destined to have a negative outcome.

4. Achieve Small Goals Every Day

I set priorities for the beginning of the day the night before. These priorities are not only based on the importance of the goals but also based on the prospect of completion.


5. Influence Others, Then Let Them Influence You

Managing crisis means accepting incredible levels of uncertainty with a calm, cool, and positive attitude. That’s never easy. But the sense of urgency to tackle tough situations always requires an even temper.

6. Empathy Always Pays Dividends

For communication to get through on all sides, we have to be clear about what we want from each other. That’s true all the time, but especially so during periods of high uncertainty.

7. No Matter What, Move Forward

Humans are resilient creatures. We have a natural capacity to move toward the light, to make the most of bad situations. In turmoil, I know that it’s paramount for me as to define a better vision for the future. But there’s a risk of getting too philosophical and losing your momentum, your impulse toward action.

Entrepreneur, Author. Founder of Shadoka. Author of “Everything Connects”, “Survive to Thrive”. Twitter @faisal_hoque.

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