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In a world being transformed by unprecedented change, effective, meaningful leadership is becoming even more essential, just as quickly. That offers historic opportunities, provided we recognize what sort of leaders we need to have.

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If we fail to accept and celebrate the very essence of our imperfect universe — we overlook impactful people; we ignore opportunities; we fail to contribute; and most importantly we don’t live with gratitude.

Ready to build an enterprise that endures the test of time and prevails in the future? Get organized to drive more cross-collaboration, creativity, sustained innovation, and digital transformation.

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From Beethoven to Newton to Buddha to Darwin, all experienced critical awakenings during self-imposed solitary periods.

IoT isn’t something you can ignore and hope that it just goes away. The organizations that will take the time to apply IoT to gather data, analyze it, and turn it into actionable insights will gain a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

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Here’s how to drive independent thinking, collaboration, and innovation within your organization.

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The next time you are ready to post something on your favorite social media platform, remember that there are no take backs on Internet. Your digital footprint will increasingly carry far more weight — perhaps even more than your resume.

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As the Fourth Industrial Revolution advances, virtually all job openings will emphasize judgment and decision-making and an ability to manage people and resources.

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Life happens somewhere between trying to make it happen and letting it happen.

Faisal Hoque

Entrepreneur, Author. Founder of Shadoka. Author of “Everything Connects”, “Survive to Thrive”. Twitter @faisal_hoque.

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